Preaching to Family

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Q: When do we stop preaching the Gospel to individuals who have shown time, and time again, that they won’t accept it?

Are they not accepting the message because I am a poor speaker, and am not gifted in evangelism?

I am a Christian who grew up in a family with no religion. My brother, mother and father are all non believers.

I tried to share the message at dinner this evening, and was disheartened when no one would take me seriously.

I’m feeling discouraged thinking that it’s me who gave the wrong message. I’m not sure when to try again, or if ever.

Please give me some advice. I’d really appreciate it. Allie

A: Well done Allie!

Cart Before the Horse?

First, ensure you understand Gospel; where we came from, what we were meant to be, what went wrong, how our Creator came and fixed the problem, who Jesus really is, what He’s done for us, and how we are to respond.

Plugged In

Receiving Him and the Power Baptism, are crucial; without a living relationship with The LORD, and His Holy Ghost anointing, we are powerless to preach Christ’s Gospel to anyone.

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