Sinner’s Prayer for Salvation

© 06-21 Colin Melbourne

Before you are ready to pray the Sinner’s Prayer you must understand what it means, what you are doing, and why.

Almighty God has come to Earth and made an eternal Covenant in His Blood; that every sinner who hears and believes the Gospel of Christ, and is willing to repent and believe in Him, will be saved from sin, sickness, death, and Hell. The Sinner’s Prayer helps you to make this once in a lifetime decision. But you must comprehend several crucial points beforehand.

What is the sinner’s prayer?

First, what it is not.

It is not a sacrament, or a prescribed religious creed, nor a ‘formula’ for being saved. Though it is often perceived in this way.

It is best to think of it as a template for an individual sinner to pray to God after they have understood How To Be Born Again, and are ready to accept the LORD Jesus Christ as Saviour.

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