Pray, Preach or Teach?

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Lookout False-Teachers

Q: The Bible says that those who teach will be judged more strictly, so isn’t it better not to teach others, but simply pray that they will come to know God?

A: Excuse me, you are using a broken modern Bible, not the Holy Bible, you can fix that easily with a KJV: Transforms sinners into saints: It opens the eyes of sinners to their guilt before God, and points them to the only way they can be forgiven, set free, saved, and at peace forever.

Contemplate this Gospel fact: Our original ancestors, Adam and Eve, would still be righteous, happy, beautiful, and with us today, if only they’d held to the true words of God. But they believed a counterfeit word (Gen. 3:4-5), and brought sin and death upon all their progeny to this day.

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