Guy Fawkes and the KJV

Image of English children with a bonfire ready to burn Pope and Guy Faukes

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The Roman Catholic Gunpowder Plot

Q: What is the significance in Christian history of the 5th. November, and the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot?

A: “Bonfire Night” is highly significant for Christians worldwide. If the 1605 Jesuit plot had not been foiled; there would be no King James Version Holy Bible, a Catholic monarch would have ruled Great Britain, the Pilgrim Fathers would have been butchered as heretics, with the consequences that follow from that for the Commonwealth and the world.

The wide-reaching Roman Catholic terrorist plan was to; blow up Parliament, assassinate King James the First, stop the making of the King James Bible, and restore a Catholic Monarch.

The ongoing translation of the King James Version (AV, KJV, KJB) was almost aborted by a Catholic coup attempt, divinely uncovered at the last moment on November 5th. 1605.

Picture of Guy Fawkes

Sitting on a Powder Keg

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