Harry Potter in the Bible

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Seven Deadly Warnings from God on the Dangers of Harry Potter Stories & the Occult

Are you aware that Harry Potter’s favourite pursuits are emphatically condemned in the Holy Bible? All occult activities including Witchcraft, Divination, Sorcery, Fortune-telling, Tarot cards, and Astrology are forbidden. Read these Seven Warnings from God on the Dangers of Harry Potter Stories

Occult: Secret, hidden, supernatural, mysterious

The danger of occult practices is, by definition, hidden. It is a real and present danger deliberately concealed from participants. If people knew what it leads to they would not get involved, that is why Satan tries to hide its consequences. All forms of occultism are harmful. We know, because Almighty God warns us repeatedly to stay away from any occult involvement. Those who choose to ignore God’s commands inevitably suffer because of their rebellion. Often, only realising they have been deceived when it is too late.

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