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Learning From The Teacher

    © 17-22 Colin Melbourne

    He Abides in You

    The anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

    1 Jn. 2:27 KJV

    So You Can Abide in Him

    Once you have been born again, Father wants you to learn how to walk with Him by simply; listening, observing, embracing, and doing what the LORD is teaching you.

    How does He teach?

    Through His Spirit’s leading in your spirit, which always complies perfectly with His New Testament word, of the Holy Bible (the KJV in English).

    In addition, He can also use a Spirit-led preacher, or pastor, as far as they stay in accord with Him, but this is not His primary method of teaching His children.

    If you rely on anyone other than the LORD to teach you, you’ll stray from Perfection.

    One Teacher

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    Occult Messages in Rock Music

      © 07-22 Colin Melbourne

      The Devil’s Music

      Q: I heard long ago about subliminal messages in Rock and Roll, especially in “Guns n’Roses”, and heavy-metal music. Can you comment on this, and about “Christian rock”? Osvaldo

      A: Since the Sixties, several groups have admitted deliberately inserting subliminal sinful messages in their recordings; others did it tongue-in-cheek, or to gain notoriety.

      People have also claimed to have found ungodly messages when some songs are played backwards. It’s called “back-masking”. Most of these “back-masked messages” are probably coincidence; like Muslims getting excited when they cut open a marrow, and perceive a pattern of seeds spelling out Allah, or Mohammed. That’s regular front-page news in Muslim nations. In China they prefer photographs of two-headed newts, and six-legged piglets.

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      Christian Growth

        © 11-22 Colin Melbourne

        What God Wants of You

        Once you have been born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit, God wants you to grow rapidly into the likeness of the LORD Jesus Christ.

        He wants you to walk on Earth as He walked; in His Love, mercy, grace, and power, destroying the Devil’s works by faith in God’s word.

        This happens continuously when a believer stays in step with the Holy Spirit.

        There’s no striving or strain; the Spirit of God does the work, not our strength or power.

        The fruit of walking in fellowship with the Almighty grows effortlessly.

        It is spiritual fruit that tastes beautiful to everyone.

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        The Resurrection of Christ Guarantees Our Rapport with God

          © 22 Colin Melbourne

          The Veil is Torn in Two

          And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.

          Mk. 15:38 KJV

          The Risen Christ goes public… IN YOU!


          If Christ had not risen from the dead there would be no possibility of intimacy with Our Creator: He would have failed in His primary mission: Our Redemption.

          But every born again believer in Christ has God’s living testimony in their heart Confirming that The LORD is Risen, and that we have His Life in the core of our beings.

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          Authority and Power

            © 22 Colin Melbourne

            And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

            Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

            Luke 10:18-19 KJV

            Q: My NIV bible translates Lk. 10:19 as; I have given you authority … to overcome all the power of the enemy … Since they are two different words in the Greek, isn’t this an example of where the NIV is more accurate than the KJV, which translates them both as power?

            A: Thank you for an excellent question, and I commend you for studying your bible more deeply than most.

            Your point is; that the Greek word exousia is translated as “power” in Luke 10:19 of the KJV, rather than “authority”, and in the second clause, dunamis is also translated as “power”.

            If you’re familiar with this ministry, you’ll know that Father has shown us The KJV is God’s Inerrant Written Word in English. Therefore, we answer this question from a different perspective, than would a user of a modern bible, such as the NIV.

            ie. Why did the KJV Translation Committee use power in Luke 10:19 in both places, for two different Greek words?

            The short answer is; because if they had used “authority”, as you suggest, it would drastically weaken what the Holy Ghost was saying here. Read on for in-depth explanation.

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            Did God Send Covid-19?

              © 20-22 Colin Melbourne

              Q: Is Corona virus a punishment from God, like the plagues of Egypt in the Bible?

              A: I suspect the legalists will seize the opportunity to draw that conclusion, but not exactly; it is another of the self-inflicted judgments, and curses, Adam’s progeny have brought on themselves, by persistent rebellion against The Truth.

              In the same way that the emergence of HIV Aids, in the 1980’s, was emphasised by the legalist bandwagon to be; “God’s judgment on perverts and the sexually immoral”.

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              Is Covid Vaccine the Mark of The Beast?

                © 21-22 Colin Melbourne

                Do I Need Vaccine?

                Q: Should believers have the Covid vaccination, and do you think it is the Mark of The Beast?

                God’s Vaccine Works

                A: Firstly, on vaccination; genuine believers are already immunised against all diseases, according to the Holy Bible, that’s why we have no fear of worldly plagues during these tumultuous Final Days before the LORD appears.

                Recall, even under the Old Covenant believers who set their love on God’s Word were guaranteed immunity, provision, and deliverance from all harm.

                Doubters opened themselves up to the curses of sin, but those who followed God’s word were protected. Read, for example, Deuteronomy chapter 28 in the Holy Ghost and you see it plainly. For many more scriptural proofs, you may study these articles on Biblical Healing.

                Read Psalms 91 in the Holy Ghost, embrace God’s word, and rejoice that born again Spirit-filled believers today are under a better Covenant with better promises.

                God’s Covenant to Save, Heal, & Deliver Believers

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                Divine Charging

                  © 89-22 RLM Used by kind permission

                  If you will believe, you shall see the salvation of God: ONLY BELIEVE!
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                  Believe there is something to bring us into the kingdom of God… out of a natural order, into a Divine order with Divine power for promotion, in which we are changed by the power of God by Another who is greater than we are. Scripture says:

                  He came to his own, and his own received him not.
                  But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.

                  Holy Bible John 1:11,12 KJV

                  We are in a great place when we have no one to turn to but God. Having only God to help us, we are in a great place. For there, God will change the situation that has bound us.

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                  Healing for Broken Hearts

                    © 03-22 Colin Melbourne

                    Overcoming Grief

                    Practical scriptural advice on how to end your grieving, overcome heartache, depression, and emotional pain.

                    Can’t Stop Grieving

                    Q: I am a born again, Spirit filled Christian, but I am having a great deal of trouble getting over the death of my husband. It has been eleven months, and I have such terrible days still, just feeling so hopeless and lost. I pray in the Spirit and seek God, but I seem to not be able to stir up my joy anymore. Can you please give me some advice as I feel like my three beautiful children have not only lost their Daddy, but also their joy-filled Mom. Debbie

                    You’re Not Alone

                    A: It is familiar territory for countless Christians down the ages, and around the world today. You are not alone Debbie, and I’m sure you are doing a great job. If you could just click your fingers, and continue as though the death of your husband was of no effect, it would prove you didn’t love him. The fact that you cannot do so, shows your love is real, and it will never fail. Take heart from that; Father does.

                    Looking Unto Jesus

                    I agree with you, that after eleven months grieving, you ought to be making more progress, and developing as a mature Christian through the experience. That is God’s plan.

                    Some thoughts come to mind; please decide if they are appropriate to you.

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